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Enhance your relationship!

"When so many loving relationships turn into paths of disappointment, it is especially exciting to learn that there is hope, and it's fun!  If you're looking to unravel the often dismal complexity of your partnership, read this book!

"Easy to read and from a playful, exciting author, this is the best investment you can make toward a loving and fun-filled life with your companion."

                                            -Sallirae Henderson, author of "A Life Complete"


"A great little book for couples!  "Finally, a usable self-help book for couples who want to expand and improve their relationship!

"This book, easily readable in a few hours, will give you a commonsense approach to reestablishing your relationship minus the gimmicks and jargon which often turn up in self-help books. The author provides step-by-step progressive ways for couples to get back to what got them together in the first place. A lot cheaper than therapy, or a great tool to use in therapy.  Highly recommended both for clients and practitioners."

                                            -Loris Buccola, Pastoral Counselor, Silverton, OR


"Keith's lively and humorous voice is a wonderful companion to popular literature on couples. His book is an easy-to-understand and useful guide for couples in the midst of growing a healthy relationship. I now recommend Couples and the Art of Playing to my clients!"

                                            -Cheryl Hamack, MA, LMHC



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