Couples and the Art of Playing


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Couples and the Art of Playing
Three Easy and Enjoyable Ways to Nurture and Heal Relationships

by Keith Hackett 

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Couples and the Art of Playing, the essential 
guide for creating healthy relationships."Couples and the Art of Playing" is for anyone in a committed relationship - married, living together, engaged or dating' and is user-friendly for any sexual orientation, culture or belief system.

You will be reminded of what you already know and will be encouraged to do it again together - play and have fun.  Then a simple ten minutes a day communication tool will be offered that can dramatically change how you relate to each other.  Finally, you will learn how to build each other's self-esteem.


What makes Couples and the Art of Playing different from other books on relationships?

  • Short and can be read in around two hours.

  • Limited to three easy and life changing concepts:

    • play

    • 5 & 5 playful sharing and listening

    • positive playful manipulation

  • Illustrated by examples with which the reader can relate.

In addition, couples...

  • ...who apply these techniques begin to enjoy each other.

  • ...are better able to talk and resolve conflicts because they are focusing on play, not work.

  • ...sexual pleasure is often increased without having to focus on sex.

  • ...develop good habits and have hope for their future together in a playful, creative, empowering, nurturing, and growing relationship.

  • ...who continue to apply these three simple techniques can offer an alternative to violence and help to drastically lower the divorce rate.

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